The Ultimate Spectator Tent


Whatever you’re INTO outdoors – you’re going to LOVE this pod.  Whether its outdoor sports, catering, festivals, fishing, camping, hiking or whatever it is!  This pod is well designed and weatherproof so you can DO what you love doing outdoors regardless of the weather 

Premium Quality

High quality steel frame and nylon

Better than an Umbrella

No more struggling with the umbrella on game day.

Instant setup

Takes less than a minute to setup

360 View


Whether it's windy, raining, sunny, cold etc.

UV Protection

No more sunburns

Bug Proof

Keep you and your loved ones SAFE from insect bites

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Why our Sports Pod Pop up Tent?

It’s mid-week practice, and you’re driving to your child’s home field excited about the new skills they’ve been working on, only to get there and find yourself pacing up and down the field, wishing training is over because it’s freezing cold.   Or maybe it is game day, you’re fired up ready to cheer on your team, but only to have it ruined when you arrive to find the field wet and windy.

This is why you need our sports pod – the ultimate sports watching tent.  Because your umbrella has no chance in some of these weather conditions! Without our easy pop up tent, you’ll spend more time trying to stay warm and dry, you’ll barely enjoy it. 

The single pod pop up tent is great for any outdoor enthusiast who wants to enjoy an adventure out in nature without having to worry about the weatherman’s forecast.  It’s perfect if you’re a fisherman who would like to sit warm and dry on the jetty or fishing pier waiting for the fish to bite.

Do yourself a favour and get yourself the ultimate fan pod.  Here we like to say “Never miss a moment!”  Simply because we are firm believers that memories should not be dictated by mother nature’s wrath.

Never miss a moment!

100% Local Customer Service | Proudly Australian-owned and operated

We take great pride in the culture of our small family business, which is driven by exceptional service and loyalty to our customers. We guarantee that our pop-up tents will absolutely win you over, so much you will wish you had owned a sports tent sooner. 

Ultimate Fan Pods and service our customers throughout all metropolitan cities of Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Hobart, Darwin. We also deliver to regional areas.  We offer overnight shipping Australia wide, and offer easy returns if you are not 100% satisfied with your product.

Let us help!

We are always working to improve your customer experience and we would appreciate any feedback so do not be a stranger.  Feel free to drop us an email at or message us on messenger to voice any concerns or compliment as we take our after-sales customer service very seriously. 

We guarantee that our pop-up tent will make you happy and that our customer service will be second to none. We also pride ourselves on being the largest supplier of the sports tents in Australia. If you decide you don’t want the item, you have up to 30 days to return it for a refund. You simply just cover the cost of postage back to us. You can read more about this on our Returns Page.  Any issues, please get in touch, either through our live chat, or the Contact Page and we will make sure we do what we can to make you a happy customer.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Reliable | Built to Last |
Premium Materials

Money Back guarantee

30 Days Money Back


Local warehouses
Sydney & Adelaide

24/7 Customer Service
available 24/7